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She didn't scream when Tahril kicked her over, or whimper when he re-entered her.

Not all Imperial Guard are drooling rapists, by the way. Rights, first amendment, all that, but fuck the hell off. Daughter walks around naked. Ummm, Warhammer is quite the attenuated, sanitised wargame. Dark eldar nude. Lots of people like admiring the nude human form. It's implied, strongly with Dark Eldar, but no more. It aint a GW paint! Would a rape scene be appropriate in an episode of GI Joe? I mean, seriously, did anyone think they were kidding when they talking about the "Grim Darkness of the Far Future"?

There are plenty of ways to depict the harshness of war without bringing the abuse of females into the picture. I guess what goes through my mind when I see that diorama is, what kind of gamer sits around thinking of what diorama to make, and considers "eldar gettin' gangraped" a winner?

The medium is part of the message. Out of interest, have you ever wargamed the Gulf War? That alone makes it a work of art. Mercedes lynn lesbian. So spending time concentrating on an ugly aspect of armed conflict, especially this one, can legitimately be seen as creepy. I wonder if that was the statement the artist was making. No, condemning it is like condemning a book. Shas'O Or'es'Ka was cocky during the campaign, boosting that no army could penetrate the base's defenses, and that their Or'ka cannon would drive back any attacker, but he was wrong and not only he and his Fire Warriors suffer for it, but it cost them an Ethereal's life.

I really don't know. What made it worse was that they were crafty, using slaves they took over their campaign to distract them while their main forces desecrated the statues of the of their immortal saint, rendering her mortal, and they more than enjoyed killing her. I aint ganna get 'Kruellagh'. Now you get a taste of what I think of the entire Warhammer franchise.

I agree I am just saying that one fits fluff wise the other is just a pulling abstraction from typical soldier behavior in wars. Finecast is the new Matt Ward. I may have to ask several friends about their secret porn careers. I think you have to take WH40K quite serious to be offended by nude figures, which in itself is quite worrying really. Perfect tits dancing. Those that remained suffered a fate worse than death, and Kaurava III soon became Tahril's newest torture garden.

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War is never good. Solo milf anal. And that kind of pervades our entire culture as a result. I think this may be part of the problem I'm having with it. Tahril bent over her, assessing him, studying her closely with dark, unsympathetic eyes. It's somewhat disturbing, but seems to fit the mold of Coolminiornot.

Don't let me suffer as the others did. War does this things, and anyone who ever advocates war as a solution to any problem had better damn well be willing to accept the consequences.

On one hand it's very evocative, OTOH it's She took a deep lungful of hot, blistering air and with everything she had left, shouted, "Ave, Imperator! On the other hand, I'm leery about dismissing a medium as "kids stuff" that has to shy away from depicting the darker side of humanity.

As a side note: She and her sisters were ordered to purge the sector clean of demons, mutants, and heretics alike. Blondes are for sexing, don'cha know? Ollieb Ancient Hero Member Posts: For example I saw two today, the first was a female commissar wearing only a trench coat and pants and boots. Not sure what to think about it. Because if so, using comic book sensibility toy soldiers for that doesn't really work, especially if you say "don't judge me" in your statement.

No one was coming for them, and no one was going to save them. Big tits at work nika noire. Dark eldar nude. I described it as such in order to warn away people who wish to be warned away from stuff like this and also because, though rape isn't currently happening, the possibility of it is severely underlined and that is something not common among depictions of 40k universe.

That's assuming that they would be attracted - or even able to think of in a sexual way - to an eldar, who radiate disquiet to humans. Full tracking of what you have read so you can skip to your first unread post, easily see what has changed since you last logged in, and easily see what is new at a glance. The effect was immediate, but less than what the man and Karen had hoped for. Oh and can Ya buy figure chains somehow? If I remember my Xeno physiology there is little physical difference between an Eldar male and an Eldar female.

I'd guess that the "beakie" helmets are meant to look like a Medieval bascinet helmet. Instead of putting meaningless differences aside to fight a common foe, they decided to fight Tahril separately while continuing on fighting one another.

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Savlar Chem Dogs are scummy, ruddy, dirty bastards, and their flag reflects that. Why drag sex into the picture? Tahril, on the other hand, was a harder opponent.

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The name of the game is WARhammer. In dubious taste at best. Milf hot gallery. He cracked the whip again. Dark eldar nude. Hot lucy pinder nude I wonder if that was the statement the artist was making. Is it some sort of visual fan fic? I suspect it's the first one - you wanted to paint some boobs and pure unattainable women women getting raped in the mud or fighting and getting away and thus retaining their purity, for now makes you feel good in your pants.

It looks fan made! I think Cessna's right that toy soldiers are just toy soldiers and toy rape is no more or less disturbing than hanging live captives off the bottom of a skimmer by hooks on chains as the Dark Eldar do. I'm a bit puzzled by this to be honest. Hello faithful readers and heretics alike.

What was the point of drawing it out like this? I think SlaveToDorkness just became my new hero. The way I see it, they're gladiators.


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